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Gefso Papadaki



Born in Istanbul, Gefso Papadaki, studied Political Sciences at the Law School of Athens and also graduated from Vacalo Art and Design College, under Y. Valavanidis, V. Dimitreas, E. Vakalo, M. Preka, E. Vacalo.

Later, she did further studies in painting and modern materials and worked in applied arts. She is a member of the Greek Chamber of Arts.

Her works are found in the collection of the Beijing National Gallery, in the collection of the Olymbic Fine Arts 2008, in Beijing. Moreover in Anthony and Asia Hadjioannou collection, in Christos and Sophia Moschandreou collection, in Portrait Gallery of Greek Artists of D. Papageorgopoulos and other public and private collections in Greece, Turkey, Belgium, France, USA, Austria,Luxembourg.

She lives and works in Athens.


P E R S O N A L       E X H I B I T I O N S


2019      " love", Cube Gallery, Patras.


2018      "Love syllables", Gallery Genesis, Athens.


2017      "Nostalgie", Melkart Gallery, Paris.


2015      "How the time passed",  Gallery Genesis, Athens.


2013       “Beautiful and strange natives”,  Peri Tehnon. Patras.

2013       Pinelo Gallery, Istanbul.

2012       "Trip to Aegina", Aegina Museum of History and Folklore Review.

2012       "Souvenirs of places", Galerie Astra. Athens.Greece.

2011       "Souvenirs de lieux", Galerie Theorema", Bruxelles.

2008       Galerie 'Periplanisi', Athens

2007       La Galerie Theorema, Bruxelles.

2005       Astra Gallery. Athens. Greece.

2003       Aigokeros  Gallery. Athens. Greece.

2001       Anny  Balta Gallery,  Salonica. Greece.

2001       Omma Center of Contemporary Art, Chania.Crete. Greece.

2000       Astra Gallery. Athens.

1997       Chateau du Bourglinster, Luxemburg.

1996       Aenaon Gallery. Athens. Greece.

1995       Public Gallery of Myconos. Greece.

1992       Cultural  Centre of Athens. Greece.




2019    "Energie", Galerie Karouzou, Zurich.


2018    "Τhe beauties of Pera". Sismanoglio Megaro.Istanbul.Turkey.

                                             The Foundation of Thracian Art and Tradition, Xanthi.

                                             Τhe Foundation of the Hellenic World.


2018   "Albert Camus". Angelos and Leto Katakouzenos Foundation. Athens.


2018   "Athens-Hinterland", Mets Art Center, Athens


2018    "Three generations of painters-sculptures. -From the collection of Ch.Moshandreou. Agrinio.

                                                                         Michael Cacogiannis foundation, Athens.


2018   " Federico Garcia Lorca. Galerie Ianos. Athens.


2018   "Excavation in Athens". Ena art galleries" with the collaboration of the journalist Nikos Vatopoulos.Athens.


2018    "Strange dream". Gallery Genesis. Athens.


2018    'The walk", The Mall Athens.


2017   "N.Kazantzakis", Gallery Ianos. Athens,

                                    Folklore Museum Aigina,


                                    Municipal gallery of  Piraeus.


2017   "Agora". The Mall Athens.


2017     "I remember" Exhibition  dedicated to Alzheimer. Art Center Stavros Niarhos.Athens.  


2017    "Automn's manuscripts" Gallery Ianos. Athens.


2017     "Late summer in Paros".  Studio 265. Paros. Greece


2017     "Summer in Athens". Gallery Ianos. Athens.


2017      "eros-heros", Museum of Visual Arts of Heraklion.Crete. 


2017       "From Interwar period to Modernism". Genesis Gallery. Athens.


2016       "The case of Kapodistria". National Historical Museum . Athens.


2016       "150 years of anniversary of the National Arcaeological Museum" National Archeological Museum. 


2016       "N. Kazantzakis". Ena gallerie. Athens.


2016       "William Shakespeare". Ena gallerie. Athens.


2016       "G.Seferis". Ianos gallerie. Athens.

                                         Kavala, Greece

                                         Kairo, Egypt.

2016      "Carbonated", Gallery Genesis, Athens.


 2015      "Blue hour/L'heure bleue, Poseidon Grand Hotel. Spetses.

2015      “Guess who’s coming to dinner. Gallery Genesis, Athens.

2014      “20+20”, Gallery Ianos. Athens.

2014      “Domenikos Theotokopoulos”, Gallery Ena, Athens.

2014      “The Athenian cafes”, Gallery Ianos, Athens.

2014      “Pausanias”, Gallery Ianos. Athens

2014      “Invisible cities” Gallery Ianos. Athens.

2014      “Mythologie” Gallery Ianos

2013      “Riders on the storm”. Gallery Genesis, Athens.


2013      "23rd Artfair, Artist 2013", Istanbul.

2013      “Stadiou street”, Gallery Ianos, Athens.

2013      “Aristotelous street”, Gallery Ianos, Salonica.

2013      “K.P. Kavafis”, Days of 13, Gallery Kaplanon 5, Athens

2013      “Invisible Procession”, 13th Cavafia, Gezira Center for Modern Art, Cairo.

2013      "Fruit-bearing trees of Athens. Galerie Ianos. Athens.

2013      "Glances to Plaka". Elliniki Etairia. Plaka.(curator,M.Migadi)

2013      "Art Space 2013". Art Space. Santorini.

2013      "Paintings inspired from Kavafi's poems", Gallery Ianos, Athens.(cur.I. Kritikou)

2013      "Lord Byron & Mesologi",Pinacoteque Moshandreou, Mesologi.

2013      "I never promised you a rose garden",Genesi Gallerie, (Iris Kritikou)

2012      "Golden Ages", Ersi's Galerie. Athens.(curator Iris Kritikou)

2012      "90 card postals for Smyrna".Galerie Ianos Athens, Salonica (curator Iris Kritikou)

2012      " From the heart of our town". Galerie Kaplanon 5. Athens.


2012      "Every Saturday in Athens", Genesis gallerie.    Athens.


2012      "Alexander Papadiamantis" New Archeological Museum of Patra. (curator Iris Kritikou)

2011      "Christmas Stories, Chixritzi Institution, Athens.


2011      " Alexander Papadiamantis", (Cultural Center Melina, Athens).


2011     "Childreen and Teenagers/Screams and whispers", (Cultural Center Melina, Athens. 

2011     "Expo collective 2011", Galerie Therorema, Bruxelles.

2011     "Jardinages", Plaza Hotel, Athens.

2010     "Summer breeze", Eikastikes Anazitisis art space, Athens.

2010    "The sea, the endless blue", Hiona Art, Halki.

2010    "The ancient olive grove in Creta", Creta.

2010    "Environment", Art-prisma galerie, Pireas.

2010    "Artspace", Santorini.

2009    "Panorama Artistiques", Galerie Theorema, Bruxelles.

2009     "Technopolis", Athens.

2009     "3 Artists from Istanbul", Flisvos ,Old Faliron,(organized from the Consulate of Turkey and the    

                                                                                                                      Municipality of Old Faliron

2009     Pinacoteque of Cyclades, Syros. Greece

2009     "Notes for a Tree",Cultural Center Melina.Athens. (Curator Iris Kritikou)

2009     "Olympic Fine Arts", Beijing. China.

2008    "3rd International Art Biennale of Beijing". National Gallery of Beijing. China.

           "Touch 2007,Greek Spirit", Municipality of Saint-Nicolas. Crete.

           "The Bicycle", Villa Koundourou. Hania. Crete.

           "3rd International Collage exhibition". Galerie"Arka",Vilnius. Lithuania.

           "Galerie Theorema". Bruxelles.

           "Galerie Efimerides", Myconos.

           "Paintings inspired from Seferi's poems". Art Space Psihari 36.

2005     "2nd International Collage Exhibition". Galerie "Kaire Desine"Vilnius. Lithuania.

             Archeological Museum of Aigio. Greece.

             Union of Fine Arts, Antalya. Turkey.

             "Marathon Tour", Yiayiannos - Titanium Gallery, Athens.

             "2d International Art Festival", Chania. Crete.


2003,04,05 "Skoufa Gallery", Athens.

2003, 04, 05 "Gallery Periplanisi, Glyfada. Greece.

2003, 04, 05 "Aigokeros Gallery. Kolonaki.

2002, 03 "Anemos Gallery, Kifissia.

2002      "Art Museum",CluJ, Roumania.

2002      " Yiayiannos Gallery", Athens.

2002      "Art Space", Athens.

2001      Visual Arts in Technopolis. Athens. Greece.

2000      "Turk and Greek Artists", Academy of Fine Arts, Ankara.

2000      "Turk and Greek Artists", Aenaon Gallery, Athens. Greece.

1999, 2000 Gallery "Periplanisi", Glyfada, Greece.

1999      "Aventures de la matiere", Galerie "Sculptures", Paris.

1999      Gallery « Vacalo », Athens, Greece.

1998      "Rencontre a Cosmos", Cafe Cosmos, Paris.

1998      "Anny Balta" Gallery. Salonica. Greece

1998      "Aventures de la matiere",Crypte St.Andre,Normandie.France.

1998      "Aventures de la matiere", Aenaon Gallery, Athens. Greece.

1997      Aenaon Gallery, Athens.

1996      Aigokeros Gallery, Athens.

1996      Galleria Zlty dom Vincenta van Gogha, Slovakia.

1992, 1996 Skoufa Gallery, Athens.

1992      Rodos Gallery. Rodos. Greece.