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Gefso Papadaki’s memory mines

10-12-2018 11:53

Nikos Vatopoulos article in KATHIMERINI newspaper [23.11.2018] about Gefso Papadakis' exhibition at GALLERY GENESIS. 

A painting exhibition at Gallery Genesis: Gefso Papadaki’s memory mines

Gefso Papadaki, already mature and fruitful as an artist, leads us to unexpected trails where we are presented with a group of works that explore further her dialogue with poetry. Her new solo show at Gallery Genesis (curated by Iris Kritikou) expands and to a large degree preludes an adult relation and continuous mutual feedback with speech that together with her painting define an initiating dipole.
Gefso Papadaki dares to articulate a constant dialogue with a world of anticipation and absence as it is portrayed by the half-erased traces of a Cavafian universe or with the internal duality of the human nature, as it is found in Titos Patrikios, who incidentally has dedicated a poem to her.
Using large coloured surfaces that display dense and warm shadows, Gefso Papadiki produces a perfect puce colour reminding of a smoky wall, warm greens denoting moss from a secret forest and flame reds associated with secrets and silence. Her world, residing hidden in the alcoves of memory, is polysemous. Her ink works, comprising a new collection of paintings, show a new direction in her artistic pursuit.

Gefso Papadiki exhibiting an inner strength unravels a world of signs, whispers and vibrations. Her conversing with poetry results from a personal need that defines a new way of seeing.

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